Ooooooookay then


Here I am – a couple of years (and KG’s) later.

Before you ask – the kg’s are in the wrong direction



Anyway – for the 1st time in my life I am the (questionably) proud owner of a Virgin Active clubcard.

So if you see a whale in the swimming pool at Virgin Active Cape Gate, don’t roll him back into the water when he gets out.

Don’t feed him Bar One’s either.


I’m hoping that this page (and the activity that it is dedicated to) will see a bit more action this year.


Here goes…



Sorry – another busy two weeks (clocked 48 hours overtime in the last two weeks) – not complaining or fishing for sympathy, just sayin’…



Considering what has happened this past two weeks I think things could have been worse: 3 Year end functions and a Birthday (with those nasty eat as much as you like savory platters and home made milk tart).


From last time I posted (2 weeks ago) I have gone down 300gr.

Normally that’s not so good, but given the circumstances (working late and being hungry at odd times and the year end functions) I think I’m not doing too badly considering…


Very busy week and I needed my comfort food.


‘Why’ you ask ?

Chaos at work and this:



Not much else to say.

Stats: 157.3 (800 grams down) – hey – at least its not up…

Probably not the best idea ever…


…to go and check out a new restaurant on the evening before your weekly weighing.


Nevertheless – this week ended up to be 1.7kg down from last week Friday the same time. Chicken schnitzel and all.

I am glad to say that I am now back into the swing of things. Started this week (two mornings already) by walking a couple of blocks before work, but the jury is still out if it actually makes a difference or not, seeing that I don’t really put an effort in to be huffy and puffy and heart racey when I get back.

I suppose anything is better than nothing to get started.

On the other hand I need to fight my sister off with a stick (you’ll find her blog on the main page under ‘interesting blogs’) , since when she heard I bought a mountainbike she’s got (dis)illusions of a ‘brother and sister’ team doing Sani2C, the Argus and all sorts of interesting MTB/Adventure related events

:) :)


I am confident that it will happen at some time though, but for now it is one step at a time.

To be honest it is only with the support of everyone (and with the optimism that she and my wife has) that I know I will get to where I want (need) to be.


Not much to say this week, so the stats are:
158.1:  1.7kg down from 159.8 last week and 7.9 down in total from the 166 where I (re)started 3 weeks ago.

Don’t get fooled by the numbers though – if you are so far over the 1st 10 or 15 is always (relatively) easy.
From experience I know that getting through the 140′s floor and below is going to be where the real challenge comes in, but hopefully by that time the reduction in the ‘pressure per square inch’ figure will let me start using the bike without too much protest from the basement.



Not much to report apart from some progress.



Seems that I am getting into the swing of things.

Went eating out twice this week (special occasions you ‘mos’ know)  **

I rediscovered three things (again):
1 – It is cheaper to eat less (who would have thunk)
2 – There’s more choice on the menu if you don’t have to sort it by portion size and choose from the top down
3 – Leaving feeling you had enough is better than leaving feeling overstuffed…

Anyway – to round up this week’s stats:

Last week: 162.7
This week: 159.8






** Coming to think about it the outcome of some unmentioned disciplinary hearing earlier this week might just call for some more celebration…

The prodigal son doth returneth…



So it’s almost been a year.


I don’t know if I should laugh or be ashamed (or both)


It is amazing how months of dedication can be flushed down the toilet in a week or three and then derails you for almost a year.

I don’t know what got me to this point again – maybe it is the fact that we have moved up to the 3rd floor from the 1st at work and I huff and puff when I get to the desk, maybe it is due to friends that I have seen who have been unfit and overweight before and is now running half marathons and doing Karoo to Coast MTB races.

Maybe because another good friend got some bad news this week regarding his weight and cholesterol levels and he needs to start exercising and watching what he eats and it would be a good idea to have someone close by (and in real life) that knows what I’m up against.

Maybe it is that I enjoyed the response and support the previous time so much that I decided to start at the very beginning (cause it’s a very good place to start) *groan*


It might be most of it, but it also is because this time it has gone past any place I’ve been before.

I turned at about 165.

And that is frightening.

I am just over 2 years away from 40 – and that frontier I need to cross with the best chance I could give my body.

In a sense I have no choice – this time its gotto work.

So here I am like that miserable guy that rocked up at the AA meeting after he was sober for a year and then went on a binge session:
Hi – I am Fatguy and I’m about to be a loser (we all know AA is for quitters, so then this site must be for losers…)


I was thinking a little bit about this and this is where I stand:

The main things in my mind that made it fail last year could be a relapse in will power (especially in ‘out of the ordinary’ circumstances like holiday and such) and the fact that I now realize that reducing intake is only half of it. I need to increase the output. If I’m fit it should be easier to stay on track (and healthy)

So in that spirit I have finally bought me a mountain bike. As soon as I have figured out how to put my motorcycle’s soft seat on there I’ll be on my way


Actually – it needs a new seat but that will be sorted shortly and then from there I could start it slow and see where it takes me.
I might start with a duvet crammed into the back of my riding pants, but hey, it’s a start…

I have already weaned myself from double sized portions again (already 3kg’s down from where this started about a week and a half ago) and I am feeling motivated again.

I don’t know how regular the updates will be – probably again once a week on a Friday like in the past, but I will start a new graph as soon as I have three weeks of stats.

I am cautiously optimistic this time, but optimistic none the less.


Ja well, no fine…


I suppose all have been wondering what had happened to me.

Wish I knew.

The holiday didn’t turn out as expected (weight wise anyway).

The holiday itself was amazing, but I have good and bad news about it…

The good news is that since then to now I have lost about 10kg.

The bad news is that it is the same kg I lost 10 times.


I didn’t gain much, but then the trend stopped as well.

I suppose having flattened out (the graph, not mah belly) isn’t as bad as having it curve upwards, but still.

Having said all of that – I am still as you are reading this on 20kg’s down from February to now and that is not too shabby for the year.

Yes it could have been better, but it also could have been way worse.

So although I am slightly disappointed I am also satisfied overall.

The day after tomorrow is a new year and new things.

I am not one for new years’ resolutions, but what’s right is right and my jeans’ too tight.

(ok that is seriously ‘groan worthy’, but I made it up in a split second and there it is now.)

So here’s to 2011.

At last a bit of a breaktrhough



It’s been a couple of ‘no news’ weeks, but I have finally broken through that 145kg barrier.

In retrospect I should be disappointed that it took this long to get here, but on the other hand I cannot imagine why it’s been so difficult to break through that 145 kg mark and therefore grateful that I am actually now here:


600g down from last week’s 145 flat.

This is just in time for the holiday that starts tomorrow – hence the update (or Aapdate as Grootseun calls it) today.

3 Weeks of holiday ahead of me – little bit of Sedgefield, very little Baviaans, a little more of Nature’s Valley and then some Addo and doing nothing added to that.

I have been planning a Christmas CD for our church band for a while now and time is quickly running out, so I am taking some of the equipment with to go and work on the scratch tracks while in nature’s valley.

Can’t imagine a better setting for doing that than the tree rich and very much laid back atmosphere that’s there.


The house we are getting for the week also have a canoe.

That is very good news, as canoeing isn’t just one of the types of exercises that I like doing, but it is also (apart from riding everywhere on a motorcycle) the only real ‘sport related’ activity that my wife and me really love doing together.

Add the Southern Cape/Garden route surroundings to that and I think we might just have a winner.

I am under no misconception that the 3 weeks ahead of me might just be the toughest of the whole ‘weight management’ process, as the following weeks can either confirm and reinforce  proper habits or run the risk of creating new nasty ones.

I will do my best to not change back though.

I think my head is in the right space.

I’ll make sure there’s more fruit and less biltong, more peanuts and less droëwors, more water and less coke and in the end more sugarless drinks as well.

Should be fine – I’m just mentioning this just in case…

:D :D :D :D

So (again) – wish me luck as you wave me goodbye …

So I’m back…


Sheez – what a hectic trip it has been.

The sandroads up the westcoast have been the toughest thing I have done on the bike up to now.

The trip itself was absolutely awesome, but I was scared that it would have an impact on my weight, as we were out of touch and sometimes on the road at lunch times, making for not-so-easy access to better eating options.

Add to that that we were very tired when we arrived at the overnight stops (and obviously hungry as well) I am glad to report that although I didn’t shake any weight, I haven’t gained any either.

And I suppose that’s a good thing.

Our holiday starts end of next week, so I am dreading those 3 weeks from a weight perspective, but I’ll have to manage it and I will report back about it afterwards (and no – the scale is NOT travelling with)


This is me getting tired last week (Photo by Charl, who was one of the people that inspired me to start taking control of my weight issue)


At least the damage is slightly reversed…


I had an incredibly hectic week – so sorry for no update.

The work has (once again) bothered me as I was already in bed and now I’m waiting on something to finish, so I decided to slip a quick update in.

I am now at 145.0 flat (measured on Friday morning 3 Sept)

So although slow and although the past 3 weeks have been ‘rollercoastery’ I have at least not only caught up with my score of 3 weeks ago but have gone under it (albeit slightly).

I am going on a bike trip this week (leaving tomorrow early) and will only be back Friday afternoon, so this week will have no update, but expect one again then the Friday after.

Sala Gashle, sayonara and all the rest